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Ceasar Inflatables in South Africa is committed to developing the best fully inflatable race boat ever.  Ceasar Thundercats are recognized around the world as the best for all-round capability and performance and have the most Trans Agulhas Race wins for a manufacturer, and the most wins on the South African National Circuit in all three classes.    See them in action in Bermuda.

Ceasar Minicat

The Ceasar Minicat is an exciting boat designed for children, offering great stability and maneuverability even in choppy conditions.  At 10 1/2 ft long and weighing less than 100 lbs, The Minicat can be easily transported on a car roof rack. With a 6hp motor the Minicat is extremely stable and safe for young children. With a 15 hp motor the Minicat comes to life, serving well as a small tender. With a 25 hp motor the Minicat will satisfy even the most extreme adrenalin junkies!

Ceasar Thundercat

The Ceasar Thundercat is designed for racing but offers extreme excitement as a leisure craft. With exceptional stability and maneuverable in rough water, Thundercats can also perform tight turns at speed, pulling in excess of 2 'G'. Including the engine, the boat only weighs 300 lbs and can exceed speeds of 50 mph in standard form. The unique tunnel design and incredible power to weight ratio enables Thundercats to plain effortlessly with relatively low horsepower, and to achieve exceptional fuel economy.

Ceasar Thunderbolt

The Ceasar Thunderbolt is a larger (17') version of the famous Thundercat. It comes equip with a steering console and backrest seats. Optimum performance is achieved with four people or less, however it will plane when loaded with six people. It is perfect as a fun family boat for skiing or tubing, and with ample deck space it can be conveniently utilized for scuba diving or fishing . The Ceasar Thunderbolt is rated for up to 90 hp.

Choose from any combination of the following colors

                    1.   Navy Blue                        6.  Light Gray
                    2.   Royal Blue                       7.  White
                    3.   Light Blue                        8.  Red
                    4.   Teal                                9.  Orange
                    5.   Medium Gray                  10. Yellow

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Challenger Marine Limited  or CML in Bermuda is the distributor for Ceasar Inflatables, Tohatsu Outboards, Powertech Propellers.
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